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Placebo – MTV Unplugged (Live) [Album] – itunes 2015

Descargar / Download Placebo – MTV Unplugged (Live)  [iTunes Plus AAC M4A] (2015) Gratis

1. Jackie (Live) [MTV Unplugged] 2. For What It’s Worth (Live) [MTV Unplugged] 3. 36 Degrees (Live) [MTV Unplugged] Video
4. Because I Want You (MTV Unplugged)
5. Every You Every Me (feat. Majke Voss Romme) [Live] [MTV Unplugged] 6. Song to Say Goodbye (Live) [MTV Unplugged] 7. Meds (Live) [MTV Unplugged] Video
8. Protect Me from What I Want (feat. Joan as Police Woman) [Live] [MTV Unplugged] 9. Loud Like Love (Live) [MTV Unplugged] 10. Too Many Friends (Live) [MTV Unplugged] 11. Post Blue (Live) [MTV Unplugged] 12. Slave to the Wage (Live) [MTV Unplugged] 13. Without You I’m Nothing (Live) [MTV Unplugged] 14. Hold on to Me (Live) [MTV Unplugged] 15. Bosco (Live) [MTV Unplugged] 16. Where Is My Mind? (Live) [MTV Unplugged] 17. Bitter End (Live) [MTV Unplugged] Video
Digital Booklet – MTV Unplugged (Live)